Dr. Luiz Haroldo

Dr.Luiz Haroldo

Dr. Luiz Haroldo Graduated in medicine in 1974 from the University of Para, Dr. Luiz Haroldo Pereira is a physician specialist in general surgery and plastic surgery. His plastic surgery clinic in Copacabana is a reference in Brazil and abroad. Dr. Luiz Haroldo has authored several papers, book chapters and articles on liposuction, lipo enertia, silicone implants, facial surgeries and abdominoplasty in Rio de Janeiro.

After completing his residency as a specialist in plastic surgery at the Hospital dos Servidores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Haroldo participated in the first plastic surgery liposuction performed in Brazil in the 1980's. He followed the doctor and professor Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz, who is the creator of this technique. Besides performing the various liposuction techniqes, silicone implants and abdominoplasty in Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Haroldo also performs surgeries of baldness utilizing techniques of the hair implant. At his clinic in Copacabana, he offers a list of different service that are always very punctual and professional.

With his skills and dedication as a specialist in plastic surgery, Dr. Luiz Haroldo has always added value as a specialist in plastic surgery, using much what he learned while working in Paris at the clinic of Dr. Pierre Founier.

Dr. Luiz Haroldo a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, SBCP since 1980, and was the President of the Rio de Janeiro region. Dr. Luiz Haroldo participates in the Board examinations for certified specialists in plastic surgery for 12 years. Since 2006 he has been a member of the evaluation committee for doctors wishing to become qualified members of the SBCP, allowing them to perform the surgery in Rio de Janeiro for abdominoplasty, liposuction, silicone implants and others.