1 - What is the procedure performed most in your office today?
Body contouring surgery such as liposuction or as Americans call it, the tummytuck. The buttock implant surgery is also done quite often.
2 - Since the first liposuction performed in Brazil, have there baeen any advancements in technique or technology?
Yes, there have been advances in technology used in liposuction. One of them is related to the handling of medical instruments. The cannulas as they are called, used to have a thickness of 6-12 mm, today liposuction operates with cannulas that are 2-4 mm, allowing doctors more refined movements.
3 - Which machine is best to eliminate localized fat in liposuction; laser devices, VASER or ultrasound machines?
These are all good machines and equipment, but the most important part of it all is who handles the equipment. The development should not only be technology but also the technician.
4 - Is it safe to combine Liposuction with other plastic surgeries?
Yes, liposuction can be alone and in combination with other surgeries. For example, when I do a breast, I use the technique of liposuction to remove excess fat from the side. This can be associated with facial surgery, like doing a little lipo in the neck.
5 - What parts of the body can the fat graft be taken from for liposculpture?
The fat graft can be placed in the buttocks, thigh, leg and can be used to correct depressions post mastectomy surgery, filling the gaps in breast cancer. The face is quite common to use the fat graft as well.
6 - What effect do fat grafts provide?
The fat graft serves as a filling for sagging parts of the body as well as adding volume to increase the aesthetic look such as the butt, creating a better body contour.
7 - How is the silicone prosthesis implanted?
For younger patients we advise an auxiliary entrance. The scars are located in the armpits and over time the scar will disappear. For other patients I will implant the prosthesis through the areola or below the breast.
8 - When cases call for the male pectoral implant surgery?
Some patients are born with the absence of the pectoralis muscle, called Poland syndrome. A male pectoral implant will regroup and provide balance for this case. Patients who engage in bodybuilding, the pectoral implant procedure common for aesthetics, thus avoiding the use of anabolic steroids to increase the breastplate. The shape of the male pectoral implant is rectangular.
9 - What is the calf implant surgery like?
The calf implant surgery is a simple procedure to perform. The incision is made on the back of the leg. This procedure is recommended for people with very thin legs and very accomplished practitioners in weightlifting. The implant has the shape of a calf and the person chooses the ideal size for their body type.
10 - What is the hair transplant surgery like?
To perform the hair transplant surgery its necessary to remove a bald strip of scalp located at the lateral and occipital lobes of the head. After the preparation of the hair implant is done, it is implanted in the bald areas or where there are gaps. The hair implant is done with a scalpel and needles, performed hair by hair, root by root.
11 - In what cases do patients request the hair transplant surgery?
The choice to have the hair transplant surgery depends solely on the patient himself. The patient who will undergo a hair transplant should have a good concentration of hair on the lateral and occipital lobes and flawless capillaries where the track will be removed. People who have large spacing between the hairs cannot perform the hair transplant surgery.
12 - How long is the hair transplant surgery and when can I see the results?
The hair transplant surgery lasts an average of 3 hours. The hair transplant is done under local anesthesia and sedation. The patient leaves the hospital on the same day, and can recover from the surgery at home. The hair will start to grow after the 2nd month, but after 4 months you will be able to see the results better.